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Masjid Nabawi_1 Screen Saver will bring the Prophet’s Mosque to your desktop
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Do you find Islam interesting?
Even if you don’t, you must have been in touch on TV or movies with many of the exponents of Muslims and the Islam.
Probably you have heard about the Mekka, and the Kabbah, and more important mosques of this religion.

Masjid Nabawi_1 Screen Saver will bring the Prophet’s Mosque to your desktop.

This unique screen saver will take you on a journey to the origins of Islam.
You will be transported to a place called Madinah, where you will be able to see the authentic Prophet’s Mosque called Masjid Al Nabawi.
This is the second most important mosque in Islam, being the Grand Mosque number one.

The Prophet’s Mosque is big! It has been remodeled to be able to accommodate the thousands of pilgrims that travel to this place. Sometimes they are more than one million at a time!
This mosque is special because here is where the burial place of the Prophet Muhammad can be found.

Masjid is a word that means “prostration”. It is a place for prayer that Allah ordered the Prophet Muhammad to build in that specific place.

This screensaver will allow you to see several high quality pictures of this famous mosque.
You will be able to see the grandeur and splendor of the place, as well as its huge size.
The pictures will show you views of the entrance, of the outside area, and even photos of the inside of the mosque.

All the time, you will be accompanied by chants and prayers.
Even if you are not a Muslim, you will surely enjoy entering into this unknown world.

Fernando Soni
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